Frequently asked questions / FAQ

What is the difference in fabric categories A/B/C?
Fabric category A includes plain fabrics that are laminated on the inside. The lamination makes the fabric waterproof. Fabric category B are fabrics with a high weight and partly structures in the fabric. This includes the Heritage fabrics, which contain a high recycled content and thus meet the idea of sustainability. Fabric category C includes particularly high-quality and heavy fabrics which have exclusive structures and patterns.

For more information on fabric selection and upholstery construction, please visit:

What is the difference between ceramic and HPL (High-Pressure Laminate)?
Tabletops made of fm-ceramtop are characterized by excellent scratch resistance and lightfastness. Similar to tiles, the tops are extremely durable, dimensionally stable and easy to clean. Only the settling noises may be disturbing, although these are reduced by the storage on elastic buffers. With the 12 mm thick ceramic tops, the settling noises are low.
Tabletops made of fm-laminate are popular because of their pleasant feel and beautiful appearance. The insensitive plates can not break. They are scratch-resistant, but not as much as the plates made of fm-ceramtop. Weather resistance in exposed areas is limited. Therefore, the surface should be refreshed every two to three years with a special HPL care product. We also recommend a suitable protective cover.

Can the cushions be washed?
The care instructions in the fabric covers provide information on this. Most fabrics are washable, but only by hand washing.

Where can I find information about the table heights or the height of the bottom edge of the table?
Our table concept offers countless variations in terms of table sizes, top materials and frames. Since the tabletops in particular have different thicknesses, the table heights also differ per model. For your information, we have prepared an overview, which you can find under the following link:

What features ensure the great comfort of Fischer Möbel lounge furniture?
Fischer Möbel lounges offer unparalleled seating comfort due to the traditional upholstery construction, which is handcrafted by regional upholsterers in the best quality of workmanship. Depending on the model, we use flexible straps or spring slats that ensure spring back for a very long time.

What should I look for when choosing a fabric?
The varied designs and the wealth of colors of our offered fabrics fulfill all style and design wishes. The feel is also sturdy and soft. So you have a free choice for a tasteful lounge in your garden. We like to refer to our muted colors, which give the summer lounge an individual touch.

What is special about Fischer Möbel tables?
Fischer Möbel tables are usually constructed as systems. Thus, a table model is not only available in various frame colors, sizes and partly extension variants – also up to about 20 different table tops are offered. However, if this selection does not include exactly the size you want, simply ask us for your desired table.

What does Fischer Möbel mean by sustainability?
Sustainability has always determined our work. All the materials we use are durable. This results in furniture that is designed for a very long service life right from the development stage. This is further enhanced by our high level of service. Because nothing is more sustainable than furniture with a long life. In addition, all materials used are recyclable.

How quickly does the furniture dry?
The furniture dries very quickly in the warm seasons. This is also true for our products made of fm-rope, whose cords are tightly braided, so little water can penetrate.

Is the furniture really ideal for outdoor use?
We have been developing and producing furniture exclusively for outdoor use for almost 40 years. Therefore, we have an enormous amount of practical experience. You can be absolutely sure that any of our furniture is suitable for outdoor use – no matter if summery 40° C or frosty temperatures.

How long is there a possibility of repurchasing?
Our products are classics that are offered for many years, sometimes decades. Therefore Fischer Möbel can offer a particularly long repurchase option. You are welcome to contact us again about this on a product-by-product basis.

Where does the teak wood come from?
Our teak wood comes exclusively from certified plantations in Indonesia. Each piece of teak is checked for legal origin and regularly inspected by the Federal Institute for Agriculture and Food. The sale of plantation teak from Indonesia has contributed to the preservation of the national forests in this country for decades.

Where can I find the care instructions?
In principle, care instructions are enclosed in the packaging of each product upon delivery. If these care instructions are not available, you can find the relevant information on our website in the Service section.

Do you recommend protective covers and what distinguishes your protective covers?
Basically, we recommend suitable protective covers for our furniture. This is comparable to the car and the garage – not a must, but a gain in comfort and less maintenance. We have been manufacturing our protective covers for years with a high-quality outdoor fabric that was specially developed for this purpose. It is tear-resistant, UV-resistant, durable, dirt-repellent and of small volume.