Bolero side tables

Bolero side table with a special charm.

The side table made of first-class, solid teak is a timeless piece of furniture in first-class quality. Its versatile design allows it to be used in a wide variety of settings.

The classic design of the table radiates timeless elegance. The cleverly designed surface gives it an extra touch of exclusivity and sets it apart from ordinary tables. The natural grain of the teak wood gives the table a warm and inviting appearance.

With its sturdy construction and the use of premium teak wood, this order table is not only aesthetically attractive but also extremely durable and will retain its charm.

Products in the collection

  • Bolero table 70x70 cm

    Bolero table 70x70 cm

  • Bolero table 120x70 cm

    Bolero table 120x70 cm