Kalos & Doppio

Upholstered outdoor furniture is trendy, thanks to weather- and dirt-resistant fabrics that are also lightfast. So no one has to do without the best seating comfort when it goes outside.

The Kalos lounge chair convinces in many respects. Excellent seating comfort that invites you to relax. Suitable for a lounge or as a solitaire - Kalos always cuts a fine figure.  An ideal complement to the lounge chair there is a comfortable stool. This provides an optimum of comfort. The unique swivel base with which rotations of up to 360 ° are possible ensures an all-round view.

The Kalos dining chair and armchair are softly upholstered and individually manufactured in Germany. There is a choice of chair, as well as 2 versions with armrests, either stackable with armrest support or with upholstered armrest parts.  The selection of more than 50 fabrics leaves no design wish unfulfilled.

New in the outdoor range is the special upholstered construction in the seat. Thanks to flexible bands and high-quality furniture foam, a selectively soft yet firm seating comfort is achieved. The back sections also offer soft pillow-like comfort thanks to the special upholstery. The weather-resistant outdoor fabrics can be left outdoors with peace of mind. A variety of different designs can be chosen from.

You can find an overview of the various fabrics and our selected fabric combinations right here.

An extendable table that aesthetically enters a new era. The Doppio - table can be extended by 50 cm on each side by simply and easily extending, lifting and adding the extension boards on both sides.  Thus, the table can be extended from 160 cm to 260 cm, or from 220 cm to 320 cm.
Another special innovation of the Doppio table is the choice of different bases. The base is made of the same ceramic plates as the table surface. This gives the table the appearance of a single piece. Another variant is a table frame made of 2 rectangular concrete columns.


Products in the collection

  • Kalos armchair

    Kalos armchair

  • Kalos armchair, stackable

    Kalos armchair, stackable

  • Kalos sidechair

    Kalos sidechair

  • Kalos Lounge armchair

    Kalos Lounge armchair

  • Kalos Lounge armchair, Five-star swivel base

    Kalos Lounge armchair, Five-star swivel base

  • Kalos Lounge footrest

    Kalos Lounge footrest

  • Doppio extension table

    Doppio extension table