Trios side tables

Sophistication and color enrich the outdoor area.

The Trios side tables harmoniously combine design, elegance and functionality. These tables are made of handcrafted glass tops, which are available in different colors.  The careful production of the glass tops gives them a unique and appealing aesthetic and each one is one of a kind. The glass top brings a touch of sophistication and color to the outdoor area.

The unobtrusive anthracite-coated stainless steel frame with 3 legs provides a stable yet airy base that enhances the beauty of the glass top without overshadowing it. The combination of glass and stainless steel gives the side tables a modern and timeless look

Your advantages with fischer möbel:          ▪ only the best materials ▪ design classics ▪ longevity ▪ repurchase option ▪ service

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  • Trios side table

    Trios side table