Atlantic relax sunbed

All our products, which are indispensable for a leisurely afternoon in the garden can be found in the new Atlantic Collection. Their functional and modern design lets them be combined with any other collection according to your creativity. The stackable sunbed provides best comfort with an adjustable backrest. The ergonomic design of the relax sunbed invites you to linger. Convenient storage space is provided by the small, highly functional side tables. New are the handwoven outdoor rugs made from 100% polypropylene.

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Technical data

With armrests
Armlehnhöhe in cm 59 cm
Weight in kg 16 kg
Dimensions in cm 150x71x105
Seat height in cm 42 cm
Set of wheels Not included. Available as accessory.

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  • Neck roll for Atlantic Relax sunbed

    Neck roll for Atlantic Relax sunbed

  • Set of wheels for relax sunbed Atlantic

    Set of wheels for relax sunbed Atlantic


  • Atlantic side table

    Atlantic side table

  • Atlantic sunbed

    Atlantic sunbed