Kalos sidechair

Kalos reinterprets chairs for the outdoors, thanks to the weather-resistant outdoor fabric. A waterproof ticking fabric also ensures that the upholstery always stays dry. The upholstery construction of Kalos is of particularly high quality. Thus, in the seat thanks to flexible bands and high-quality furniture foam is achieved a selectively soft and yet firm seating comfort. The ergonomically shaped back sections also offer soft pillow-like leaning comfort thanks to the special upholstery. This achieves a unique seating comfort for long, cozy summer evenings. The weather-resistant outdoor fabrics can be left outdoors with peace of mind. The fabric selection offers a variety of different textures and designs to be chosen from.

With armrests






Weight in kg

8.5 kg

Dimensions in cm


Seat height in cm

47 cm

Kalos sidechair

Article accessory

  • Covers


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