Taku bistro, hinged

The stackable Taku armchair with ist multi-award winning clear lines is available with permanently elastic polished stainless steel. Both versions captivate with excellent seating comfort. The Taku tables as well as the stackable Tak sunbeds are a perfect match.

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Technical data

Straight edge Tabletops made of fm-laminat spezial Sabbia (71), graphito (72) are offered with a straight edge.
Bevel edge Tabletops made of fm-laminat spezial white (74) and cement (76) are offered with a bevel edge.
Table height incl. tabletop in cm (tolreance +/- 2mm) fm-ceramtop 73,3; fm-laminat spezial 73,3

Taku bistro, hinged

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  • Taku armchair

    Taku armchair