A popular accessory for optimal relaxation are the outdoor stools that go with our armchairs. Most of the stools at the table can also be used as seating furniture on their own and ideally complement the design of your outdoor area. Garden and outdoor stools are foldable, stackable, as a cube and cylinder or as a variant with a stainless steel frame. They are perfect as a supplement to our existing garden furniture series.

  • Bloom Lounge footrest

    Bloom Lounge footrest

  • Cosmo Lounge footrest

    Cosmo Lounge footrest

  • Flora footrest

    Flora footrest

  • Helix footrest

    Helix footrest

  • Kalos Lounge footrest

    Kalos Lounge footrest

  • Modena footrest

    Modena footrest

  • Pouf


  • SoHo footrest

    SoHo footrest

  • Taku footrest

    Taku footrest

  • Tennis footrest

    Tennis footrest

  • Wing light footrest

    Wing light footrest