Stainless steel

We use V2A (304) in best quality and solid dimensions for our frames. Particularly stressed areas are additionally supported with invisible reinforcements. All surfaces are accurately polished. We recommend the electro polished version (EP) when used near the coast, at sea or in baths. We offer this in various collections.


Our well-made aluminium frames offer clean welded joints and a high quality powder coating. We do not skimp on wall thickness and reinforcements in order to create solid aluminium frames for long lasting use. With aluminium, first and foremost, "inner values" matter when it comes to durability and longevity.

Premium Teak

We exclusively use the best and selected teak wood from state-controlled forestry. Thereby we process wood in furniture quality, grown slowly, with fine annual rings and a high proportion of natural ingredients that make teak wood so valuable. The skillful workmanship of selected and dried teak wood guarantees the special quality of our furniture. Because of its natural content of oil and rubber components it is almost rot proof.

Vintage Teak

Under the name Vintage Teak, Fischer Möbel offers characterful wood in its original quality with a structured surface. The old teak is a rarity and is carefully selected, cleaned, lavishly brushed and reclaimed. Defects are pegged or replaced, ceratin cracks or nail holes are visible to some extend and emphasize the special character of these one of a kind wood panels. With an incomparable wood grain and special appearance each piece is unique. Rest assured that we really offer you old, seasoned wood, and not, as seen in many places, new wood made to look old.


At Fischer Möbel, we only use tried and tested materials and components. In fm-rope, we rely on the experience in yacht building, climbing and other demanding applications, where extreme stresses occur. Here, the cords and ropes have to be absolutely reliable, tear-resistant, weatherproof and durable. This makes it an ideal material for high-quality outdoor furniture collections.


In terms of sling we trust only in high quality, certified fabrics. These fabrics have proven themselves for years, are easy to clean, tear resistant and most dimensionally stable. For all our stainless steel  furniture we only use the fabrics from the brand Batyline®. A replacement parts service is offered for many years for these fabrics.

fm-foam soft

The Univers, SoHo and Kyoto elements are made of fm-foam soft, a combination of high grade, pressure resistant foam and a robust coating. The multi layer coating forms a strong and resistant surface with high UV resistance. As the name suggests, the furniture made of this material is soft and elastic.


Our fm-ceramtop table tops consist of a extremely tough two-layer ceramic that is bonded by a glass fiber mat. The tabletops are virtually scratch resistant, weatherproof and easy to clean. The surface of fm-ceramtop table tops is absolutely closed cell, therefore no stains occur. Frost resistance and low weight are further advantages. New are the 1-layer fm-ceramtop tabletops with a thickness of 12mm in the versions cement grigio and cement nero.

fm-laminat spezial

Our fm-laminat spezial table tops are ideal for outdoor use. The tabletops are "made in Germany" and consist of resistant cellulose and resins, which are combined with special weatherproofing and corresponding decors. Thereby the tops are easy to clean, hard-wearing, particularly light and weather resistant. Since the product consists of natural materials, a slight warping is possible outdoors - max. 2mm per running meter.