Our outdoor furniture made of stainless steel or aluminum are very easy to clean and can easily be left outside during winter. Special protection is not mandatory. Make sure that storms con not damage the furniture and nothing falls onto the furniture in autumn and winter. Falling branches, snow falling from roofs or soot from chimneys can damage your furniture.

Teak outdoor furniture can also be left outdoors all year round. The wood does not take any damage. However, the light brown natural colour of the wood changes under the influence of wind and weather over time to a silver grey patina. Also, black spots may occur due to dirt particles and moisture. Regular cleaning of furniture is recommended.

Nevertheless, we recommend additional protection against extreme weather conditions. Store your furniture under a roof and provide additional protection by appropriate breathable protective covers. This way you will have more pleasure with your high quality furniture.
Our covers are available for all of our furniture.

Find more information and available covers here.